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Organic Italiano Olive Oil

Extra Virgin

The olive oil sensation from the Gargano Region in Italy.

Spack uses only the best organic olives from the Gargano Region for their olive oil. The Ogliarola Garganica is the most cultivated olive in this region and its oil is one of the best in the world.

Harvest and Quality

The olives are harvested from October until early December. After careful selection, washing and bruising, the olives are cold pressed by a centrifuge within 24 hours after harvesting. The ‘cold extraction’ ensures the temperature remains under 27º C. Pressing the olives takes place in the town of Carpino at a very well equipped oil mill where craftsmanship is of paramount importance.

The process results in a natural and traditional organic extra virgin olive oil with an amazing flavour, in which taste, scent, colour and anti-oxidants remain optimally preserved. This organic extra virgin olive oil stands for everything the Italian kitchen has to offer: simplicity, pureness, taste and healthy alternatives.

The organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a fruity aroma.

The taste is light and displays the pure essence of fresh olives.


The organic extra virgin olive oil is very suitable for use in dressings, as an addition after cooking pasta, for salads, vinaigrettes, tapenades and cold sauces.

Italiaanse olijfolie
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