Own oil crushing facility for optimum quality

For our most important products – organic sunflower oil and rapeseed oil – we have our own professional oil crushing facilities where organic seeds are pressed into oil.

With a crushing facility at our head office in New Tonge in Zuid-Holland, and one in Harlingen, in the north of the Netherlands, we are able to produce high-quality oil 24 hours a day and we offer enormous flexibility to our customers. In addition, we work closely with a number of small specialist oil mills in Germany that press our organic flaxseed, safflower and sesame seeds.

Spack – biologische olie, plantaardige olie
Spack – biologische olie, plantaardige olie

Oil processed in origine

A number of oils are directly processed in the country of origin. For example, our organic olive, soybean, coconut and palm oil. These oils are often supplied by tank truck, stored in our special tanks and packaged and transported according to the customer’s wishes.

Cold pressed and refined oils

Spack supplies both cold-pressed vegetable organic oils and refined vegetable organic oils. In both ways of processing the raw materials, we apply stringent quality requirements and use the most modern equipment.

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