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Avocado Oil

Spack is a supplier of certified organic and conventional avocado oil. Both oils are produced by cold pressing the oil from the flesh of the avocado fruit. This creates a taste advantage as only the flesh is used for the oil and not the bitter seed. This Virgin avocado oil has a pure taste, a soft green colour and a high Omega 9 content.

Organic Avocado Oil

Organic Virgin Avocado Oil is sourced directly from Kenya. This farmer has been producing avocado oil for over 14 years and cooperates with other local farmers. The producer has built a special and lasting relationship with his growers and the environment. The residue of the oil is converted to biogas, which is used to produce electricity.

Our Organic Avocado Oil is available as a Virgin, Refined and Premium variant. The oil is filtered and winterized and is suitable for direct bottling.
The Organic Premium Avocado Oil is a blend of organic refined avocado oil and organic virgin avocado oil, the Organic Premium Avocado Oil is more stable during cooking and baking.

Biologische avocado olie leverancier

Conventional Avocado Oil

Our conventional avocado oil is sourced directly from a family business in South Africa. It has been producing top quality oil for 40 years and buys the fruit for the avocado oil from local farmers from the Limpopo and Mpumalanga regions. The long-standing relationship with these local farmers has built a strong bond and the oil press creates skills-sharing programmes to help and support smaller farmers reach their full potential and ensure they are always get a fair deal

This conventional variant is available both as virgin and refined. Our refined avocado oil is also extracted by means of a cold method/centrifugation and not from the (bitter) seeds or other non-usable plant parts.

Refined oil is better suited for hot culinary applications, while the virgin variant is better used for cold dishes.

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Our organic virgin avocado oil has a characteristic and well-balanced taste, which is perfectly suited for use in salads, dressing, and sauces or for mixing in smoothies and juices.


Avocado oil has a high mono-unsaturated fatty acid content. Mono-saturated fatty acids aid in lowering LDL Cholesterol content in the blood. Too high LDL cholesterol is not good for the blood vessels and can eventually lead to cardiovascular diseases.

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