The different types of vegetable oil we produce

Spack specialises in the production and packaging of vegetable oils intended for consumption. All our oil is made from mainly organic raw materials that we buy ourselves. With our years of experience and expertise in the production of organic vegetable oil, we visit producers worldwide. We strictly select and check our raw materials and suppliers for quality and reliability. We then crush the seeds under our own supervision into oils and deliver them worldwide. From consumer packaging to large packaging or bulk. (O.I.P.)

Spack – biologische olie, plantaardige olie

Both refined and cold-pressed oils

In our modern crushing facilities, we produce cold pressed vegetable organic oils. The oils can then be refined, making the product neutral in terms of smell, colour and taste. In the production of all our oils, we apply strict quality requirements and use the most modern equipment.

You can contact Spack for the purchase of, among other things, the vegetable oils listed below

  • Organic sunflower oil –  crude, cold pressed and refined
  • Organic sunflower oil high oleic – crude and refined
  • Organic rapeseed oil – crude, cold pressed and refined
  • Organic safflower oil – cold pressed
  • Organic sesame oil – cold pressed, refined and toasted
  • Organic olive oil – extra virgin and refined
  • Organic linseed oil – cold pressed
  • Organic hemp seed oil – cold pressed
  • Organic pumpkin seed oil – cold pressed
  • Organic wokoil
  • Organic palm oil – crude and refined
  • Organic palm stearin – refined
  • Organic coconut oil – virgin and refined
  • Soybean oil – crude and refined
  • MCT oil
  • Omega 3, 6, 9
Spack – biologische olie, plantaardige olie

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Create your own oil blend

These oils are Spack’s main products. We can also supply other oils and blends on request. We will gladly discuss with you developing the right oil blend and packaging. Please contact us for more information about the production of your own oil blend.

Organic press cakes or expellers

During crushing the seed, a by-product is also released, namely press cakes or expellers. These press cakes or expellers are used as an ingredient for animal feed. Read more about the different types of press cakes or expellers that we supply.

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