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Organic Coconut Oil

Experience the diversity of Organic Coconut Oil

Spack has specialized in organic coconut oil in recent years and works with carefully selected suppliers who meet the requirements that Spack sets for quality, cultivation and the working conditions of employees.

Spack offers many types of high-quality organic coconut oil certified by Fairtrade and KRAV, among others.

Organic virgin coconut oil

This coconut oil comes from the fresh flesh of the coconut. The fresh coconuts are peeled, cut and immediately dried at a low temperature in drying cabinets. The dry coconut flesh is mechanically cold-pressed and filtered into virgin coconut oil. This is a special pressing method that is used to obtain the taste and the beautiful white colour. This method also keeps the nutritional value intact as much as possible.

Biologische Kokosolie

Organic refined coconut oil

Organic refined coconut oil (deodorized) is obtained from raw organic coconut oil and comes from the dried flesh of the coconut. The coconuts are dried in a drying cabinet at the local farm. After drying, the copra is pressed into coconut oil and then bleached and deodorized in refineries using a physical method.

Organic coconut oil is very versatile and is often used in the kitchen for baking or frying. But you can also use coconut oil for hair and face care and it has very healthy properties for your (pet) animal.

Biologische neutrale Kokosolie

Coconut oil in the kitchen

Coconut oil is ideal as a substitute for olive oil and retains its good features during heating. Organic virgin coconut oil can be heated up to a maximum of 177 degrees. Organic refined coconut oil can be heated up to 220 degrees.

No harmful substances are created during frying, wokking or baking.

  • Baking and roasting

  • Wok

  • Deep-frying

  • Replacement of butter on your sandwich

  • A healthy ingredient in your coffee, smoothie or shakes


Skin and hair care

Using 100% natural coconut oil on your face or skin is a pleasure for your body. Coconut oil is suitable for every skin type. Coconut oil is used as:

  • Make-up remover

  • Lip balm

  • Hair mask

  • Remedy against frizzy hair

  • Facial oil

Animal care

Coconut oil is used in pet care too. Use it to treat small wounds or to make their fur nice and shiny.

Pets can also eat coconut oil! Give them a little bit pure or mixed with their food.


Organic coconut oil is rich in lauric acid. Lauric acid has the most beneficial effect on the cholesterol ratio. In addition, it has been found to have bactericidal and virus-destroying properties.

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